In case you don't know, 148Apps.com reviews many apps, and has a nice blog. Their site gets many views, so hopefully people will run across the Mad Pigs post. So far 23 people have tweeted it, and 3 people on facebook have liked it. Anyways, here's the link...

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First of all I'm happy to say that Mad Pigs has gotten a total of 164 downloads since its release. That might not seem like many downloads for some of you, but I'm very excited.

So let's cut to the chase. Here's what is planned for version 1.1... Please leave a comment if you have any other recommendations.

- Make joystick bigger, transparent, and fix the pegging glitch 100%
- Finish world 5
- Create a fully functionaly bacon store with many upgrades

1.1 will probably be released within a month. Once I come out with the update, I'm going to start working on a new game. Hopefully I can even finish it this summer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Jack McGraw

Ol' Farmer has been pretty hungry lately, and he is having a rough time harvesting all his corn. Those Mad Pigs and electric fences he put up keep getting in his way! Don't forget about the nasty ham-shooting turrets the pigs have put together to foil Ol' Farmer.


Beautiful, high resolution, hand-drawn artwork


Navigate through 4 worlds comprising each of 15 increasingly difficult levels. 60 total levels offer plenty of fun and addicting gameplay.


Having difficulty? Use a bacon to unlock the next level. There are 3 bacons per world.


There are many different types of Mad Pigs that are out to get you, including sleepy pigs, blue pigs, strong orange pigs, speedy purple pigs, and many others.


-More levels
-A key gun upgrade that can be bought with bacon
-Extra levels that can be unlocked with bacon
-In App Purchase for bacon


Mad Pigs is coming soon to the App Store!!